Electronic floor plans, test results, reports and more all at your fingertips...just log in! The WOWTester App automatically pushes data directly to the cloud so all project stakeholders can collaborate in real time. Managers can effectively manage, PM’s can effectively update and even customers can be informed. This can be your project management/facilities management cloud solution.

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WOWClowd Complete

Upgrade to WOWClowd Complete where you can do so much more! Unlock all of our "Build/Manage" functionality...create, drag & drop endpoints in the cloud, watch your icons change color to indicate test status, use the app to modify your floor plan right on site, print reports and as-builts with custom endpoint labels, eliminate costly human error!  

This is the only solution that offers REAL-TIME workflow automation, project management capability, productivity analytics and one central repository for all your floor plans and testing records! 


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